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Alpaca godess

"And don’t look in her eyes," they mocked. "Or she’ll put your head between her jaws before you’ve got a chance to blink!" Snickering to each other, they grabbed their gear and got up to leave. Probably to go torture the migrant workers over at the kitchen they mentioned earlier. Good, he thought. At least that means they’re done with me. It had been particularly torturous today, and he only now realized how exhausted he was.
He finished cleaning up his section before slowly making his way over to the door at the very end of the row. No one had asked him to even sweep in that section before, much less lead the black one to the East pasture. He figured they were just messing with him again; would be waiting around the corner to buckle over in fits of trollish laughter when she’d screech and kick at the bars just at the right moment to make him jump and fall backward. Like she always did when anyone but the boss would get close.
But it was quiet when he walked up. No sound came even when he put his hand on the latch. Somehow, the silence made him forget how terrifying this creature was, almost like the stall was empty, and he wasn’t doing anything more than cleaning it for the night. It could be empty. It was too dark to see inside until he slid the door open. But she was there all right, though the shadow in the back obscured most of the thousand pound animal. Green eyes locked on him from the dark back of the space, and hypnotically met his own gaze. Fear overwhelmed him and froze him in place, and it seemed like an eternity before he stepped up to latch a lead to her bridle, barely noticing what he was doing.
When the clip snapped into place he became aware he was staring back into her eyes. He exhaled nervously, shrugging and tucking his chin further into his chest. He turned and, praying to himself he wouldn’t make any more dumb moves, hurried out into the corridor with the lead held out behind him. When he turned to lead her through the door he froze again. She already stood right behind him, her muzzle terrifyingly close to his face. He could feel her eyes on him, studying him intently. How silent she had moved behind him was uncanny. The other creatures, usually the herding birds, always pulled and snapped at him when you lead them out, chewing on their leads and kicking over mop buckets. They were loud and crude, the way they moved around you.
He had never had to lead one of the raptors out. There were only a few, and no one but the boss and a couple master trainers handled them, especially the black one before himher. For a moment he questioned why he had listened to the other stable hands in the first place, but it was too late to consider what to do differently. There were no more doors in between them to protect him from anything this hunter could do. And, lost in the moment and dizzy with adrenaline, he looked back up into her eyes.

"Can you please open the bag?" [via]
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when your game freezes and you haven’t saved in a while


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The last panel. I cannot stop laughing





Every time science discovers something that science fiction has already determinedd is a bad idea, I’m like… HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING!?
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